Hot oral Triangle !!! Length 14:48 Starring: Johnny Roark, Sean Corwin Pictures: 81
Johnny Roark tells two newcomers about camp last summer and how he has the biggest cock there. He pulls it out to prove it and the two newcomers rush to take his cock in there mouths after which leads to a hot triangle, each sucking the cock in front of them. The three of them then sit and jerk off. Johnny ends the scene with a hot load all over both newbies.
Sean Corwin is in for a routine check up Length 32:06 Starring: Jason Raze, Sean Corwin Pictures: 95
Sean Corwin is in for a routine check up but doctor Jason Raze doesn't do usual check ups. Jason gets Sean to remove his hospital gown and gets on his knees in front of him checking his cock. He feels around down there before he takes Sean's thick cock deep in his mouth giving him a hot blowjob. Sean then returns the favour and gives his doctor a hot blowjob getting him all nice and hard. Jason then bends Sean over onto the bed and slides his cock deep in his ass, fucking good and hard in that position .
The action is already in full swing as we enter the room... Length 21:23 Starring: Josh Vonn, Jarod Steel, Sean Corwin Pictures: 95
The action is already in full swing as we enter the room. Jared Steele is riding Josh Vonn's nice hard cock while Sean Corwin lays beside them and strokes his nice thick cock. They then take a break for some hot cock sucking action, Jarod sucks on Josh's cock, then Josh returns the favor and takes Jared's cock in his mouth. Sean then joins in the action and sucks on Jared's cock at the same time as Josh then he handles both their cocks at the same time before the hardcore action continues. Jared climbs back onto Josh's stiff cock and rides him until they both can't take it any longer. All three guys lay put stroking there cock, Jared is the first to shoot his load then Josh follows suit.
Sean Corwin, Tyler Bradley, Tyler Berke, Blair Mason Length 20:54 Starring: Sean Corwin, Tyler Bradley, Tyler Berke, Blair Mason Pictures: 60
These four young Twinks can't get enough of each other in this steamy boy on boy scene! They take each others cocks deep in to their throats...can you blame them? Who could resist their tight ass holes?
Sean Corwin and Zach Randall enjoy a good hot and wild fuck session... Length 31:03 Starring: Sean Corwin, Zach Randall Pictures: 64
Sean Corwin and Zach Randall enjoy a good hot and wild fuck session. Sean takes off Zach boxers and immediately takes his cock in his mouth working his warm soft tongue getting him nice and hard. Zach then does the same on Sean's nice cock before he fucks his tight ass. Finally Zach inserts his cock in Sean ass and fucks him doggystyle then on his back. The fucking continues for sometime then they lay out on the bed side by side and stroke their cocks until they both shoot their creamy white loads.
Hot 18-year old newcomer Length 29:34 Starring: Sean Corwin, Blair Mason Pictures: 59
Hot 18-year old newcomer, Blair Mason joins up with Sean Corwin in this hot butt fucking scene. The scene begins with the two laying in bed next to each other. Blair reaches over and rubs Sean's face, then moves in and starts kissing him. They peel back the comforter and sheets to reveal their naked bodies. Sean kisses and licks Blair's hot smooth body, and works his way down to Blair's cock. Sean gives Blair some head then Blair returns the favor. The move into the bathroom and hop in the shower. Blair kneels over the step and Sean shoves his huge fat uncut cock into Blair's tight ass. Sean fucks Blair's ass before they both move into the tub where they jerk themselves off onto themselves. Great cum shots!
Tyler Berke and Sean Corwin don't waste anytime getting into the action... Length 23:57 Starring: Sean Corwin, Tyler Berke Pictures: 67
Tyler Berke and Sean Corwin don't waste anytime getting into the action. From making out to each of them taking turns going down on the other, sucking there cocks. Once good and hard Tyler bends Sean over and slildes his cock deep in his ass giving him a good ass pounding. Then he flips him onto this back and continues to fuck him for a bit. Finally pulling they both lay side by side stroking there cocks until they both shoot their loads.
Introducing the very hot young 18 year old Blair Mason... Length 21:28 Starring: Sean Corwin, Blair Mason Pictures: 47
Introducing the very hot young 18 year old Blair Mason. The scene starts off with the two guys kissing and rubbing each others smooth hard bodies. Blair pushes Sean back and works his way down to Sean's 7.5"uncut hard cock where he starts us off with some hot cock sucking action. Sean then takes his turn and blows Blair for a bit. Upon Blair's satisfaction, they move into doggie position, where Sean fucks Blair hard and fast doggie style. Great angles, close ups, lighting. Blair gives a great first performance as you can see he loves to get fucked from behind. After a good round of butt pounding, they both lie down on their backs next to each other until they blow their loads. Hot slow motion action and two angles of the cum shots. Blair's cum shot shoots all over him and Sean and gives great facial expression and uncontrollable body movement during cum shot.
Introducing hottie, Davan Marks... Length 23:03 Starring: Sean Corwin, Davan Marks Pictures: 47
Introducing hottie, Davan Marks. The scene starts with some dialog between the two which leads Davan into sucking Sean's big uncut cock. After a good tasting, Davan takes down his pants and climbs up on Sean for some cowboy fucking. Davan slowly inserts Sean's 6.5" around cock into his tight hole. Taking it like a good soldier, Davan rides Sean for a bit. After some kissing, and riding, they move into missionary position where Sean pounds Davan until he blows his load onto himself. Sean shortly follows with a nice cum shot that shoots onto Davan below.
Introducing Skater Punk, Phillip Ashton... Length 23:35 Starring: Sean Corwin, Phillip Ashton Pictures: 54
Introducing Skater Punk, Phillip Ashton. This scene starts out with some kissing, and fondling of each other's cocks while kneeling up on bed wearing their jeans. Sean discovering Phillip's hard cock, pulls down his jeans. Phillip lays back on the bed, and Sean blows Phillip. Some great cock sucking going on here, and nice film coverage for your viewing pleasure. For those who enjoy watching a good cock sucking, you'll be pleased with this one. Phillip returns the favor and blows Sean for a bit before getting Sean into doggie position. That's right, in this scene, Sean takes it up the ass with Phillip's very nice, hard 7.5" cock. Phillip fucks Sean nice and hard, then moves into missionary position where they continue to fuck until they're ready to blow their loads. Sean blows his creamy load first onto himself, then Phillip follows with a huge cum shot that starts with some dripping, then moves into hot shooting streams of cum that almost take out the camera. Very hot cum shot!

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